our team

Meet the team that makes this engine run


Nick Patterson
CEO / Co-Founder

I was born and raised in the car industry and started selling cars at 18 and worked in dealerships all throughout college. After graduation I worked in marketing in SF but my heart was in the car business. I began working for my family's dealership and helped create one of the most profitable used car departments in the country. When I’m not at work, I enjoy mountain biking, golf, and hanging out with my two beautiful children.

Ryan Dietz
CTO / Co-Founder

My name is Ryan Dietz, I am the CTO and one of the Co-Founders here at VettX. I grew up here in Northern California and started my career out as a fiber optic engineer and found a passion for Software Development. When I’m not programming I am racing with my son or riding dirtbikes.

Sales Team

Jamie Hashemi
VP of Sales

Hi my name is Jamie Hashemi and i'm the VP of sales here at VettX . I got started in the car business in 1988, and put myself through college while working at a car dealership. I graduated form Chico State with a business degree with an option in Financial Management. I have 3 sons, love to play golf, fly fishing when I can find the time and playing pool at home. My favorite drinks include: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, White Claws and good Tequila.

Mike Valdez
Sales Director

My name is Mike Valdez and I am the Head of Account Services here at VettX. I grew up here in Chico California and graduated from Butte College and Chico State with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Design. The things I enjoy doing most when I’m not working is taking photos and traveling. The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is that it’s better to live rich than to die rich.

Max Fitzpatrick
Marketing Director

Hey, my name is Maxwell Fitzpatrick I am on the Marketing team. I am from Placerville, CA a graduate from Butte College and a student at CSU Chico. I am an Entrepreneur major that aspires to own my own creative agency one day. I enjoy breaking a hundred on the golf course, hitting bombs on the slow pitch softball field, ripping my Honda 450 on the black diamond trails, and splashing threes on the blacktop.

Matt Walker
Director, Business Development

Hi, my name is Matt Walker. I am the Director of Business Development. I am originally from Indianapolis, IN and currently reside is beautiful San Diego, CA. I have always been passionate about the auto industry and technology. I have even owned a few companies of my own, both in the auto industry. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and golf, and writing music. I also love to travel and explore new places.

Account Management

Dallas Willits
Account Manager

My name is Dallas Willits and I am an Account Manager. I grew up in Quincy California where my family owned multiple dealerships around Northern California. I worked at the Ford dealership washing cars in the summer, after I moved to Chico in my early twenties I started working in the sales department at Chuck Patterson Toyota for 6 years. The things I enjoy doing most is traveling with my wife and spending time with our daughter. If I could choose one golf course to play at in my lifetime it would be Augusta National in Augusta Georgia.

Matthew McGaffick
Account Manager

My name is Matthew McGaffick and I am one of our Account Managers. I grew up in a small town and have moved all over California. When i'm not working i'm in the kitchen experimenting with weird flavor combinations in the pursuit of the next best thing. When i'm not in the kitchen, i'm keeping up on current events and studying up on my many other interests. Knowledge is power!

Performance Managers

Keith Anderson
Performance / Retention Manager

My name is Keith Anderson, and I am one of the performance managers here at VettX. I grew up in the East Bay Area in Northern California and entered the car business over 35 years ago. When i’m not working I enjoy golfing, trips to Tahoe, the coast, and walking my dog Chuck Charles Chancy Jones or a nice BBQ and football game.