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how it works

Get a competitive advantage in your market buying private party.

Identify vehicles

Our proprietary software searches local marketplaces for vehicles that are actively for sale in your market.

Get the seller on the phone

Our dedicated call & data entry teams compile all the information about the vehicle and get the seller on the phone.

Get a Buy it Now price

We work the deal and get you a buy it now price that the seller is willing to take.

Put vehicle in your driveway

If everything makes sense; the people are right, the vehicle is right, and the money is right, we will put them in your driveway.

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"Don't sweat it, vett it. They get you the cars in your market and put them right in your driveway."

-stephen stearns
county ford

software Features

Filling your inventory from the comfort of your own office.

Our proprietary software was developed as a tool to make buying from the private party easy and efficient. We give the dealer the ability to search the private party market for the vehicles they are looking for specifically. These parameters can all be changed in real-time, allowing you to fill holes in your inventory on the fly. The VettX software provides accurate up-to-date pricing based on industry standard tools.

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full service call center

Calling on your behalf to put the vehicles you want in your driveway.

Every VettX client gets assigned a personal account manager that will help them manage their markets and set appointments for their dealership. Our account managers sole purpose is to build a relationship with the client and make sure that vehicles they are searching for are pulling up in their driveway on the regular. Each account manager is backed by a full call center and data entry team that will be vetting and booking vehicles in any given market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you set appointments for me, or do we do it ourselves?
  • Yes, we will set up appointments for you ONLY if the vehicle makes business sense for your dealership.
  • Do you charge a per car fee, or is it a monthly subscription?
  • We charge a flat monthly fee and allow all of our clients to purchase as many vehicles as they want.
  • Are you calling as a third party vendor or are you calling on behalf of our dealership?
  • We call on behalf of your dealership to ensure that the seller feels comfortable with selling their vehicle to you.
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