about us

It all started at a dealership

How we started

After years of paying ridiculously high auction fees we decided to look for a better source for acquiring inventory. We started doing research - a lot of it! The first thing we learned was very few dealerships were trying to source inventory from the private party sector. At first glance, the private party market is known as a place to sell vehicles, not acquire them. What we found was quite the contrary. As we dove deeper into acquiring these vehicles we realized that we had found something special. This is how Vettx was born.

After a year of trials and tribulations we decided we needed to work smarter. Spending hours and hours searching for the right vehicles turned out to be inefficient. Through our software we overcame this issue, but more problems began to present themselves. The sellers held their vehicles to a really high standard with an equally high price tag. We began running analytics to help us decide which vehicles were worth paying for. After purchasing a few private party vehicles, we realized that they were selling faster and at higher prices than our vehicles we acquired through the auction.

Through the Vettx software, we are aiming to create a reliable source of pre-owned inventory outside of the competitive auction scene. Through our journey we have discovered that the private party sector not only has better cars than the auction, but it's also the perfect place to nurture past relationships and grow new ones in our own backyard. With strong access to the private party market in your prime market area, Vettx is the perfect tool for rebuilding the relationship between the private seller and the dealership.